Cicada Slough a variety of traditional Chinese medicine efficacy

Traditional Chinese medicine ChanTui many kinds of efficacy

ChanTui, is the cicada (cicada secco insects black Zha) larvae into the shell when adults under metamorphosis.This product and name ChanYi, insect cicada retreat, and cicadas shells, Zha [蟟 skin, cicadas skin, gold bull.Its taste salty and Kennedy, sex cold.To the lungs, liver.Function, except for the wind dispersed the pharynx, heat, “pannus through rash, retreat spasm.Indications wind hot cold, pharynx pain, sound dumb, measles opaque, rubella itching, red eyes JingFeng convulsions, “disabled, tetanus wait for disease.

Modern pharmacology study found that ChanTui has good resistance to convulsions, composed effect.ChanTui medicine, although very ordinary, but if Ming in pharmacology, coordinating proper, use and can often be flat wisely in strange, satisfactory curative effect seen.Will now common function briefly described as follows:

A hot, flat hydrophobic wind spasm, attending children liver convulsion with high fever.Pediatric & ldquo;Juvenile rdquo; Yang and Yin paLdquo; for &Pure Yang & rdquo;Ldquo the body, and &;Liver, spleen deficiency often have more of& rdquo;.Pathogenic wind hot or toxic heat melt easily into the fire, heat extremely all born wind can appear convulsions.Hot, ChanTui hydrophobic wind can be tied with liver spasm, cane, mint, JiangCan hooks, forsythia, honeysuckle, gardenia, watercress can often & ldquo;Huaxianweiyi & rdquo;.

2 can divert the outer wind, the hydrophobic cough, attending throat itchy swallow frequency cough.Feel cold, in turn heat, or the feelings of the evil wind hot, cause lung health canopy closure, thus occurrence pharynx dry throat itchy, frequently as well.In this case, the available to divert the outer wind, throat ChanTui succoth except then cough stop wind.Also with burdock son, mint, fructus forsythiae, balloonflower, almond, Sue leaf, mulberry leaf, watercress, former hu, shoot to dry, curative effect better compatibility application.

Three can XieBiao through rash, itching, indications all rash qufeng disease.Measles, scarlet fever, rubella belong to the wind WenBing category, a stagnation or early if the rash can all be rash period of ChanTui itch with puerarin, mint, forsythia, honeysuckle, watercress, treatment such as good results.

Four can extinguish the wind stops smooth wheezing spasm, cough, indications all asthma.Chinese medicine treatment of asthma, through out the wind stops to smooth wheezing spasm cough.ChanTui used clinically with DanXing, char, dilong ephedra sinica, almond, plaster, roasted liquorice, method, asarum sprouting, dry ginger, fructus schisandrae, effective treatment.

Five can benefit water qufeng dehumidification, polio, attending detumescence water hernia.Pediatric water hernia namely testicular scabbard membrane effusion.Pediatric & ldquo;More than rdquo; liver often of&For crying, panic, and cause confusion, inverse diseases, YuZhi factor disorders, angry machine tri-jiao gasification company, lost water wet stop by the deposition of clustering pussy Morrison liver disease.ChanYi 30 grams, used to wash hot compress, the water frying the general topical 3 May.

– FuXinShun hospital of qinghai province


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