Chinese traditional medicine, traditional Chinese medicine culture and the way

Chinese culture and art (FanZhengLun, China famous in nearly 40 years. The physician TCM clinical experience, decades of contemporary famous doctors, in visit books, and expo pode TCM classics, modern medical widely extraction of doctrine. Recently, fan in new newspaper group doctor invited building made a solid medical speech, he put forward the essence of traditional Chinese medicine health 4, section four diet, attune of modern medicine, is right, wary of TCM culture and art, both the profound summary of the profound and popular and easy. Benban pick the right published in succession with readers.)

Traditional Chinese medicine can cure: why?

Traditional Chinese medicine is a traditional Chinese medicine.

Roman, ancient India, ancient Egypt had a splendid culture, but five thousand years, up to now, only the culture is no fault in Chinese culture.The decline of a nation is nothing more than two big reasons a war is, 2 it is the plague.China’s war not little play, from the yellow emperor wars chiyou numerous times began to play, and the plague have experienced countless times, who is protecting the health of the nation?In 1840 western culture into China, the protecting the people’s health before the mission is accomplished by traditional Chinese medicine.The ancients says, shen nong tasting 100 grass, 1 seventy poison, image in shows that our ancestors in the process of struggle against disease and how much the price.This is the world any nationalities are incomparable.

Balance of Yin and Yang less sick

Because after 1840 of western medicine of traditional Chinese medicine, has gradually taken into many concept makes faint a.For example we now has been ill, everyone went to the hospital.Went to the hospital, whether it is gravely ill, acute disease or first thought of to the hospital please western medicine treatment, think or rescue this treatment can smoothly.To western medicine hospital, if you are the exterior syndrome, so its all inspections have only around to find pathogenic factor is bacteria?Virus?By now most fashionable word is, have to find saddam?Where is osama bin laden?And then, with a drugs or methods control it, disease.It is the development of western medicine in it in the process of the main means to take.

Our bodies from top to bottom, from inside to outside, I’m afraid, in what parts are bacterial viruses.Because you breathing is natural air, drink is natural water, food is natural rice.Mother nature the right of life, the right to exist same bacterial viruses.Existence is reasonable, then why didn’t you sick?Because you can and these bacterial virus peaceful coexistence.When you got sick, is not only the problems, how many bacterial viruses cause is an important part of your own state to pathogenic factor is the survival and development of conditions.This is a very important problem.According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, evil shall not save upright in the dry, evil Cou, its gas will say in normal deficiency, condition, if you in secret state, Yin pingyang is the balance of Yin and Yang in a state, even met strong winds and rains abnormal climate change, you can’t sick.If you outside sufferring wind, cold, heat, dampness, dryness and fire, the damage caused by the happiness, anger, sorrow, thought, sadness, fear, surprised, let you own normal is broken (balance is broken), you give the survival and development of the pathogenic factors, it from condition of 10 become 100, 100 become 1000.When it reaches a certain number, it will harm you.Your own and couldn’t resist it, you get sick.According to the practice of western medicine, you want to kill it?It will leave no stone unturned to mutate, it didn’t want to die, its variable speed than we developed the medicine speed faster.Everyone know, from developed after 7,000 antibiotics already, but several antibiotics in clinical use only dozens of hundreds of, a lot of research in the antibiotics are because it clinical invalid eliminated.

Use medicine of partial body slants sex sexual correct

So, how is the disease of traditional Chinese medicine’s perspective?I think this is a concept of traditional Chinese medicine.Chinese medicine in the treatment of these diseases, commonly used ZhangZhongJing treatise on febrile disease sleeplessness include synopsis sleeplessness, sleeplessness, to learn Chinese medicine knows, is two milleniums ago sleeplessness.Why two milleniums ago sleeplessness to now still valid?Because the person is not heal disease, TCM is in the process of treatment with drugs, is partial to correct body slants of gender.Don’t believe now speak everyday TCM antiviral advertising.I think this is a very childish idea.Which, if you can really kill the drug blindly if western medical early research virus, don’t put the medicine the soup so much let people to drink.Chinese medicine is actually drug use food to correct the partial sex of the human body, to change this partial sex you here in pathogenic factor of survival conditions, which is the understanding of traditional Chinese medicine cure, as is the case with two thousand years, so we MaXingShi Kennedy soup of treatment for pneumonia is still effective.

I and many western medicine co-channel also discussed the TCM science science or western.I said, they are a different level of science.Western medicine said, you that MaXingShi Kennedy boil over slain all undead what bacterial viruses.I say, Chinese medicine the secret is here, it in a cup who all can’t kill, drink in it can cure this disease.Why?Because it USES is deployed to correct the partial sex of the human body, improve the human body slants sex the internal environment, let you of the destruction of the environment repaired-not let pathogenic factor here the survival condition is damaged.So, we see the look at Chinese medicine to scientific character of TCM.

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