Chinese traditional medicine gastrodia ELATA identification

beginning of gastrodia ELATA is contained in the Shennong Bencao Jing, also known as red arrow, longer than interest-bearing wind zhijing, pinggan Qian Yang, qufeng tongluo, clinical widely used within liver wind, convulsions and spastic sequelae of liver-Yang hyperactivity and rheumatic paralysis and stroke. While producing a wider distribution of gastrodia elata, but due to its growing environment special, slow-growing, annual production is limited. Due to the surge in clinical dosage of gastrodin in recent years, the market demand, so often counterfeits exist on the market, influence the clinical effects of tianma, therefore it is necessary for identification of authenticity do a gastrodia ELATA.

tianma is listed as the best in the Shennong Bencao Jing, red arrow, began in the name of the open Po Materia Medica of gastrodia ELATA. Su Gong said: “ red arrow is a stem class. Stem is shaft, red. End flowers, red, much like an arrow such as feathers, …… the root fleshy, major categories of Tianmen winter, but unintentionally pulse. Go to the root of five or six inches over more than 10 child health, like taro, to health and taste it. &Amp;rdquo; Su said: “ this gastrodin Bianjing, Huainan State County in Hunan province has. Spring seedlings, like Paeonia lactiflora, alone on the stem of a straight, three or four feet high, such as a shaft-like, green-red, thus come the name red arrow the University of Chicago. Stem hollow, more than half, stick micro-top leaf stems, the tip of a branch-Spike, blooming knot, such as the douli, do not drop their child to a summer …… the root shaped like cucumber, then a, 20 ……” Li Shizhen the Materia records: “ this is a red arrow, who called a gastrodia ELATA. &Amp;rdquo; visible descriptions of ancient herbal medicine’s original plant form and present the tianma gastrodin form anastomoses.

modern research suggests that Orchid for years dried tubers of the parasitic plant of gastrodia ELATA. Shape for long oval, flat shrink and slightly bent, long 5~13 cm, wide 2~6 cm, thick 1~3 cm; end has red brown dry bud shell, acquisition said “ Parrot mouth ” or “ red pigtail ”, or for residues stem base, another end has since mother Ma de backward of round umbilical shaped scar, skin spalling or part residues; surface yellow white or yellow brown, with links, a bit shaped trace or film mass squamous cell leaves, has longitudinal wrinkles; mass solid, translucent, difficult broken, section more flat, horny sample, gas specific, taste Gan Weixin. With heavy solid texture, with Parrot mouth, section bright without hollow is a plus.

broadly there are three common counterfeit of gastrodia ELATA. One is to Solanaceae plants of potato (commonly known as potato) after processing, the tubers of acting as a gastrodia ELATA. Its main feature is: shape is oval, flattened, forged at the top of shoots, no scar distal; surface color is yellow-white or yellowish brown, with no ring patterns section of yellowish-white or light yellow brown, potato flavor of chewing.

the second is from plants of Mirabilis Jalapa Mirabilis Jalapa (commonly known as Rouge flower, evening primrose) drying of the root application processed spoof tianma. It of main shape features for: shape for long cylindrical shaped or cylindrical shaped, some pressure flat; top has stem base trace or no, bottom blunt Tsim or cut to Tsim Department, surface for yellow white or class white, with magnifying glass observation visible many of small white, no ring sheath; section yellow white has concentric ring sheath or white effects points, chewing of micro-has thorn laryngeal sense.

third drying of Compositae dahlia tubers. External spindle shape or type of Oblate, fiber breakage at both ends, no ring patterns section has a fibrous, tasteless.

among these three common counterfeit things, there are other varieties on the market counterfeit tianma, clinical distinction between application should note that identification to ensure clinical drug safe and effective.

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