[Chinese theater] often hear compound refer to?

【 compound 】

With two party or several square used together, called the compound.Another two meanings: his composing, and add other outside;Each drug dosage prescriptions is same.Suitable for complex or chronic illness illustrates.If & ldquo;Entrapement rdquo; siwu soup &Ldquo, namely &;Small entrapement rdquo; soup &Close & ldquo;Siwu soup & rdquo;(entrapement, ginseng, radix scutellariae, liquorice, sprouting, xiong, angelica, peony, cultivated, ginger, big jujube days. Put to virtual fatigue, micro have cold, pulse sink and several).

Add: 【 fong 】 introduce:

For evil is light shallow, disease, use the card without and little square.Fong has three meanings: BingShi is light shallow, need not use fierce agent;Can cure disease, component to the upper energizer light;Disease without and certificate, shall be less taste.Small square as the &; ldquo sweat lawOnions fresh soup & rdquo;(SSP), set that is.

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