Chinese medicine theory “duan fujin’s understandings” teach you how to buy proprietary Chinese medicine

Chinese medicine theory and ldquo;Duan fujin's understandings & rdquo;

Chinese medicine theory and ldquo;Duan fujin’s understandings & rdquo;

Proprietary Chinese medicine is in Chinese medicine theory guidance to Chinese herbal medicine as raw materials, ldquo; according to &Monarch, minister, adjuvant and dispatcher & rdquo;【 characteristics 】 1.a square of compatibility with the principle of certain efficacy and indications scope, and in accordance with the prescribed preparation processing technology from the certain forms of the commodity medicine.So, & ldquo;Monarch, minister, adjuvant and dispatcher & rdquo;Represent what mean?

Gentleman medicine is aimed at ZhuZheng advocate ill or plays the leading role drugs.Its efficacy and the amount in the square of often bigger also.Official medicine has two effects.One is to strengthen the adjuvant gentleman medicine, to advocate ill gentleman medicine treatment effect;2 it is the outside disease in the both disease therapeutic.There are three kinds of adjuvant role.A favorable king-subject two types of drugs is to strengthen the role of disease treatment;2 it is to eliminate or slow two drug toxicity and favorable king-subject deadly;3 is there with drugs and although gentleman medicine is quite contrary, but it can to gentleman medicine in the treatment of play subsidiary role.Make medicine in the treatment of can play the role of messenger.Make medicine can not only by leading medicine into, and can reconcile the medicine.

In each prescription, gentleman medicine is essential & ldquo;QunLong rdquo; first &But minister, adjuvant and make medicine but not necessarily.Sometimes in prescription drug blindly as a role in not only.

With the deepening of the reform of system of medical treatment and medical health popularization, people go to the pharmacy buy medicines phenomenon is growing.But how can take medicine for? Some, buy

A, should pay attention to drug approval.Buy with different from the proprietary Chinese medicine treatment buy health care medicine.Generally buy a kind of medicine, marked with the enterprise try not to buy or less to buy the approval document number with place medication.

Second, to read carefully selecting herbs, and then based on the drug package insert the efficacy choose to suit oneself condition one or several proprietary Chinese medicine, or in accordance with orders to buy proprietary Chinese medicine.

Third, when the choose and buy, want to notice proprietary Chinese medicine pharmaceutical valid or invalid period to ensure that buy good quality & ldquo;Genuine & rdquo;.

Some medicines in the medicine store can’t buy.This is because drug, different from the general merchandise.It directly relates to the whole society each person’s health and life, the relation of happiness and peace into our homes.So the drug has its particularity, specificity and strict sex.According to these characteristics of drugs, and it can he divided into prescription and over-the-counter (OTC).Over-the-counter drugs, just don’t need a doctor’s prescription, in the medicine store can directly buy medicines.Prescription drugs doctors prescribing “refers to the drug.Including some analgesics or addiction drugs, such as DuLengDing, morphine, and must be used in the doctor strict monitoring the drugs like some injections, freeze-dried injection, contrast agents, diagnostic medicine, acupuncture to medicine injection, etc.Compound danshen injection belong to prescription drugs, so you don’t have the prescription, in the medicine store can’t buy.


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