Chinese medicine teaches you a specially food siraitia grosvenorii lungs and dryness

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review: TCM “ dry ” as main gas in autumn and winter, think “ dry ” how evil Fallows ‘ is most vulnerable to injury of human pathogenic , Characterized by dryness of the nose, or thirsty throat, dry cough sputum less; female skin dry or chapped ugly or hair not wing, ease off; some also see in constipation-knot hard. Against “ dry ” one of the ways is to eat food of the lungs, pulmonary qingrun, dry air of the body can eliminate. Luo Han because of the dryness of evil-dispelling effect and many cooking methods, is recommended by many TCM “ solution to dryness ” food. Come learn the usage:

fresh momordica grosvenori lungs and dryness in Chinese medicine teaches you a specially

eat Grosvenor can prevent coronary heart disease

traditional medicine that , Luo Han Gan, acid, cold, clearing away heat and cooling blood and fluid in cough, slide intestinal Detox, tender skin benefit, moistening the lung and resolving phlegm NGAN and other effects, often used for pulmonary fire dry cough, sore throat with aphonia, intestine dryness such as constipation, for treatment of acute bronchitis, acute gastritis, acute tonsillitis, throat fire has a very good effect.

siraitia grosvenorii is the Ministry of health published the first medicine food dual purpose clocks, and valuable Chinese medicinal herbs. Modern medical certificate, siraitia grosvenorii diseases such as bronchitis, high blood pressure have a significant effect, but also to the prevention of coronary heart disease, the role of vascular sclerosis, diabetes, obesity.

of siraitia grosvenorii eat:

siraitia grosvenorii pig lung soup:

luohanguo 1, porcine pulmonary 1, white caiye 42, orange peel, onions, ginger, cooking wine, Salt to taste. Grosvenor yellow coat removed, remove the shell after the momordica grosvenori into small pieces.

will handle clean pig lungs are cut into small pieces, with boiling water will cut pig lung Zhuo, Zhuo once placed directly to the pot with clear water, then Add onion, ginger, orange peel, and Grosvenor, placed in the appropriate amount of salt and cooking wine, with heat in 1 hour after mixing. Join the cabbage leaf, and cook 5 minutes, finally putting monosodium glutamate and other condiments according to personal taste, mix, that is.

Note: Luo Han fruit is not sugar-free, diabetes is a serious person is not suitable for consumption.


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