Chinese medicine practitioners “five elements” dialectical

Chinese medicine says gold, wood, water, fire, soil five kinds of physical sports and for five line.The concept of the five elements are employed

1, single refers to five kinds of concrete material itself.According to modern words can be considered a metal, wood, water, fire, land;

2, are expounded the characteristics of five kinds of substances, such as gold, the characteristic is JianJin liver-wood;Wood is characteristic of the hair, downy;Water is characteristic of the cold embellish, down;Fire is characteristic of hot, attack on;Earth is characteristic of longevity, change.

Three, attributes the classification.Such as line with five substance characteristics of the things, including the human body the physiology and pathology of the five elements material properties ownership category.If;It is a clean, transforming, supporting and role of things is attributed to the gold;Has a reach, affable, action such as things free-verse is attributed to the wood;With cold cool, moist, running down the things is attributed to the water;With warm, increase effects or nature of the things is attributed to the fire;High bearing, biochemical, containing function things is attributed to the soil.

4, the theory of the five elements exist alone is not between the, they mutual begets, phase grams relationship, to sustain development and occurrence of things.Because it can the description of the image of the nature of things, so the ancients in Chinese medicine Richards, syndrome differentiation and the ShiZhiZhong independant medicine lapses throughout the theory of the five elements.

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