Chinese medicine more and more international recognition

Traditional Chinese medicine and health products have cure diseases and vti utility, make more and more consumers are lining up.This trend for traditional Chinese medicine and health products to modernization and internationalization provides favorable environment.

Chinese medicine

2004 international modern Chinese medicine and health products exposition and meeting 12, held at the Hong Kong convention and exhibition center.The total of about 17 companies, respectively from mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Australia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, USA, etc.Exhibition of the exhibit includes various Chinese medicine, health food, medical equipment, instruments and packing, components and raw materials, and various half made with health related products and services, including Chinese medicine and health products website, medical technology books, audio-visual education institutions of scientific research products, and CDS, multimedia management system and the health care services, etc.

State food and drug administration in conference, deputy director of the RenDeQuan, said a Chinese traditional medicine market and enterprise scale continue stable development, 2003 Chinese medicine sales of 790 million yuan RMB, from 1991 to 2002 average growth of 23%.He said, Chinese traditional medicine management must further standardization, on this basis, the variety of traditional Chinese medicines, TCM brand and Chinese medicine enterprise will go to the world.In recent years Chinese medicine management and has achieved remarkable progress in pharmaceutical standardization, mainly displays in fingerprint quality control technology, Chinese medicine yinpian packing specifications, proprietary Chinese medicine registered and standard, etc.He revealed, 2005, China will enact the latest revised Chinese pharmacopoeia, medicinal materials further achieve a one content.For the new pharmacopoeia will medicinal heavy metal content and pesticide residues, and make clear proprietary limited to regulate expression effect.

Exhibition one of the organizers, the Hong Kong trade development council introduced last year for the first time held an international modern Chinese medicine and health product exhibition and conference, much attention 3 days to attract nearly 20 million session. Visitors by Chinese medicine and health products reflect market recognition.Another exhibition organizers Hong Kong international association of modern Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine officials think whether can get internationally recognized finally decided in Chinese medicine own safety, efficacy and quality.This association has related institutions at home and abroad to contact for export, the Chinese international recognition authentication services provided, the development of Hong Kong as a speedy will with quality assurance of traditional Chinese medicine trade center.

A buyer from Brazil leroy forset said today to visit the exhibition for is the purpose of our purchasing appropriate China health products, believe that need not spend too much effort can achieve the target.

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