Chinese medicinal herbs have a long shelf life cannot also be used

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<p&gt for Chinese medicinal herbs have a long shelf life not; factors such as shelf life and quality of Chinese medicine, storage, shelf life of different traditional Chinese medicine is also very different.

lots of traditional Chinese medicine as long as proper storage, you can keep the effect, and the shelf life is long. Such as orange peel, is longer, the better the treatment effect. But some Chinese medicine store hours long, although the appearance is no mould or insects, the curative effect is reduced, not to the healing effects, such as wolfberry, dried longan and so on. Peppermint, perilla leaf and other volatile constituents of traditional Chinese medicine, aroma dissemination affecting quality if stored too long, will also reduce the effect of Chinese herbs. Some Chinese medicine be insects, as long as there is no mold, can still be used, only effect will be reduced.

if you are not sure whether you can continue to use traditional Chinese medicine, can ask professionals to identify. In General, herbs shelf life of no more than two years, not more than 4 years of woody plants, minerals, not more than 10 years. Is the shelf life of proprietary Chinese medicines, their date and shelf life are printed outside the box. If the drugs have a shelf life, stop taking them and avoid drug poisoning.

validity of some Chinese medicines respectively:

herbal drug herbal drugs once made the pieces, efficacy will diminish over time, its term of validity shall not exceed two years. Kept more than 1 year if ginseng, active ingredient is missing 20%~30%; rhubarb deposited more than 5 years, which has medicinal value of components of anthraquinonesWould all fail. In addition, such as Dendrobium, herbs such as Ophiopogon japonicus, to be used to improve efficacy and even fresh grass medicinal.

Woody drug tree can grow to 4 year shelf life of drugs, but the study found that some herbs were stored for a long, although no deterioration phenomenon on the skin, but the effect will be reduced. For example, Angelica sinensis, lycium barbarum, containing large amounts of fatty oil, stick candy ingredients, a long time is easy to “ oil ”; Mint, patchouli herbs, perilla and other volatile components, aroma dissemination affecting quality after storage for too long, so as to reduce the effect.

mineral medicine although the keel and spiritual magnet, saltpeter and other molecular formula of mineral drugs is more stable, but the long-term storage will have an impact on the efficacy, General retention period should not exceed 10 years.

proprietary Chinese medicines contain Western medicine ingredients, their shelf-life should be performed in accordance with Western medicine, usually not more than 3 years.

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