Chinese Hero 3 hero is Chinese herbal medicine

First actress snow saw grass

Lychee grass alias: snow saw grass, knit fur, dalai wightii grass, wild mustard clams (jiangsu, jiangxi), LaZi grass, frogs grass (sichuan, guizhou), snow green, black Perilla (jiangsu), soil watercress, monkey back grass (yunnan), small blood, hemp forthcoming (jiangxi), groove, expansion than grass (fujian), snow saw grass, the winter grass (zhejiang).

Erect herb, high 15 ~ 19cm, many-branched.Stem square, thin born short pubescent.Root, stick volts coral-like born leaves, leaf blade elliptic to ground lanceolate, hairy, have apparent deep ruffled.Stem born leaves opposite, petiole long 0.5 ~ 1.5 cm, densely pubescent, leaf blade elliptic lanceolate, long 2 ~ 6.5 cm wide and 1 ~ 3cm, apex obtuse, base rounded or cuneate, margin has rounded jagged, it has ruffled, golden glandular dots below, two sides are short hair.Wheel umbrella with 2 ~ 6 flower inflorescence, gathered into 1-flowered and axillary false racemose or panicles terminal.Bracts tiny, lanceolate;Calyx clock shape, grow about 3mm, back by a golden glandular dots and short hair, divides two lip, upper lip of coarser veins 3, the top three not obvious teeth, lower lip have 2 dentate;Corolla lip shape, lavender to violet, long 4 ~ 4.5 cm, in the cylinder with a basal MaoHuan, margin entire upper lip, lip in three crack, the biggest, wide pour heart-shaped reflexed, two side lobes nearly semicircle;Stamens 2, the lower lip, stretch out in basal born outside crown cylinder;Ovary 4 crack, styles with ovary bottom was born in.Small nuts pour ovoid, brown, smooth, there is glandular dots.Flowering and fruiting May 5 ~ 6 months.

Born in hillside, the road, wasteland, the river wetlands.

In addition to xinjiang, gansu, qinghai, Tibet, distributes the part all over the country.

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