Chinese Acupuncture clinics around the world

From the state administration of traditional Chinese medicine learns, now most of the world’s regions have Chinese or local people of Chinese medicine, acupuncture clinic opened.According to reports, the United States registration career acupuncturist more than 11,000, Germany has 30,000 acupuncturist, Mexico’s acupuncturist have more than 5,000 people, Australia has 4,500 acupuncture, doctors, Brazil has acupuncturist 1.5 million name, Singapore has a TCM doctor 1500 people, Hong Kong, China, d.c. TCM, acupuncturist have registered 7707 people, even in the south Pacific island nation of Kiribati only 20,000 population has two TCM clinic.These numerous, distribution of a wide range of Chinese medicine, acupuncture clinic for TCM towards the world, laid the broad foundation.

In the recent 20 years, the TCM clinic in abroad had new development.In South Korea, the U.S., Vietnam, France, Brazil and other countries, governments in western medicine hospital offered opened acupuncture clinic, some have set up a TCM clinic and improve the acupuncturist status.And clinic medicine held acupuncture, become a local medical students and teaching, the practice clinic, both for the local train Chinese medicine, acupuncture talents, and also to improve the academic level of the clinic.

Some Chinese medicine acupuncturist also participated in the local national government decision-making.1999 Canada federal health established natural health office, 17 members with two is Chinese botanical experts.2001 American employer for Chinese traditional medicine consultants doctors, Australia President for new employer Chinese doctors established Victoria TCM registration board members.In 2002, the British ministry of herbal management team founded two of name, member of Chinese the traditional Chinese medicine college graduate is doctors.

Abroad, most doctors, acupuncturist attended by all kinds of Chinese traditional medicine, made their acupuncture society.Learn not only in improve the academic level played a role, but also for TCM acupuncturist strive for legal status.The local government issued against the relevant policy, traditional Chinese medicine using legal means to learn Chinese medicine from the struggle, protection of foreign reputation and status.

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