Children with epilepsy how to tell?

Children with epilepsy also commonly known as epilepsy in children, it is the nervous system, the lack of a class of chronic disease. Grand mal epilepsy is actually very easy to determine, but to identify children with epilepsy is not on the relatively easy, because for those neonates and small infants, is not a typical attack, to identify the parents of children with epilepsy is not grasp. Neonates and small infants because there are many adults and adults are not common action, for example, shaking a baby there a few chin tremor, nodding, shaking his head, shoulders swinging, or jitter in the arm during sleep, etc., is possible that this small action will be neglected by their parents, and delayed treatment and delayed treatment. That
Methods to identify children with epilepsy have? For how to identify children with epilepsy do?
Epilepsy expert, said specialty hospitals, pediatric epilepsy patients manifested symptoms of the eye, and ordinary people are different, so the identification of epilepsy in children, see the eyes are very important. On the one hand is to observe the children’s eyes, to see if there are exceptions, the general look uncharacteristically seizures in children. On the other hand depends on the performance of these children, look like epileptic seizures, is not a rhythm with the tremor.
The second is to do something in pediatric epilepsy EEG often appears abnormal EEG discharges now have video surveillance technology with a lot of shaking when the time to look at is to do simultaneous EEG and EEG actions of other children in addition to these characteristics depend on the question whether there is nerve inside the brain itself is a problem if we should consider whether it is a very good brain function if epilepsy is also very bright children have no problem with all aspects necessary based on clinical and EEG map to identify features
Some of the symptoms of clinical seizures are not epilepsy, do not be mistaken for epilepsy. For example, the body of newborn baby is also common there shaking babies belonging to twitch calcium calcium supplement if it is not enough the case that there is a class of low blood sugar low blood sugar can also cause jitter occurs in children complements the case of the blood sugar is also not shake
Professional Hospital epilepsy experts advise parents in question to the hospital to consult a qualified holding the tape over to look at a glance you can know what to look very suspicious if you can do for a pediatric epilepsy and epileptic EEG large attack high cure rate, it is estimated that the optimistic results than early treatment of the formal treatment is a major factor in the decision.

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