Children with epilepsy first aid

Many children with epilepsy seizures, the parents tend to worry in the dry side, but do not know what to do. Patients with seizures of epilepsy in children too hurt, parents should know something of seizure first aid. If you know how the children’s seizure first aid, only to learn seizure first aid, children can know how to make emergency seizure of children, protecting children is the most important.
Most of the children, seizures can be a 3 in 1 minute and relieve itself, parents need not be too nervous. Long as appropriate measures, not only can reduce the seizure of children’s adverse effects on children, can also provide as much detail of the history of doctors to help doctor’s diagnosis and treatment. When the child has convulsions, should take the right first aid for children with epilepsy:
1, protect children in order to avoid injuries, especially head protection;
2, remove dangerous items around, such as knives, thermos bottles, etc., so as not to bruise or burn patients;
3, the head and body on its side, and can put some things in a thin soft under the head, the patient gradually recovered;
4, to avoid the crowd watching, keep the air clear;
5, clean the mouth secretions or vomitus to maintain airway patency;
6, ventilation stopped, do clean-up, comfort of work, to eliminate the tension in children.
In general, the short time since onset of epilepsy in children can be stopped in patients with seizures, go to the hospital after regaining consciousness, do not need to attack the patient is being sent to hospital. The following exceptions: ① trauma patients; ⑵ pregnancy or in patients with diabetes; ③ patients with persistent seizures than 5 minutes. Patients should avoid being over-panic attack, what to do, not inappropriate to take the following measures: ① forcibly squeezed hard objects or fingers in patients with imports; ② patients forcibly push or caught; ③ immediate medication, drink plenty of water ; ④ disputes with patients.
If a patient attack for too long, or more than continuing to attack one after another, then the situation is critical, it is timely rescue, otherwise it will result in brain edema, brain herniation, respiratory and circulatory failure and other serious consequences, even death. At this point immediately to the hospital or emergency center for help. Clonic twitching started, the parents right away so that children will head twisted to one side or the side, to prevent secretions in the mouth and gastrointestinal reflux vomit inhalation errors, leading to suffocation or aspiration pneumonia. But also hold up the patient lower jaw, tongue suffix to prevent and hinder breathing. Symptoms of epilepsy for this, net absorption should be thought of oropharyngeal contents, the first attack, the family should be prepared to suction device. To keep the airway open.

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