Children with epilepsy can go to school?

Epilepsy is caused by abnormal discharge from the brain, many parents of children with epilepsy that affect intellectual development, that children with epilepsy will become stupid or silly, that children with epilepsy can not attend school. While the experts said, epilepsy is not a fool. But the impact of intellectual development of epilepsy in children is not a direct result of epileptic children from school? Children with epilepsy can go to school?
The majority of normal intelligence with epilepsy can participate in full-time school, but sometimes may be due to seizures or drug side effects interfere with learning. Mental retardation in children with epilepsy, brain damage depends on the degree of mental retardation in children with epilepsy caused by a major reason is the primary disease. Cognitive impairment in children with epilepsy and seizures is also the type of seizure frequency and duration of disease, EEG, and antiepileptic drugs. The type of epilepsy and impact of intellectual factors in children with epilepsy are: secondary epilepsy, such as a variety of encephalitis, birth trauma, or congenital genetic disease, etc., almost can lead to mental disorders; primary epilepsy, about 1 / 3, there may be mental retardation. According to the literature, cognitive impairment in children with epilepsy and also the type of epilepsy, which made the company of a small sports the highest percentage of mental retardation.
Children with epilepsy is a park, school and learning disorders depends on many factors, with the onset of the relevant factors include: the frequency of attacks; the severity of seizures; underlying diseases and causes; antiepileptic drug dosage and type; related thinking and behavioral problems; social and psychological adjustment and so on. Indirect factors associated with disease, including: teachers and school officials, the level of understanding of epilepsy, the ability to respond to the onset of epilepsy in children’s confidence and acceptance level; other students, attitude, knowledge of epilepsy; children of their own feelings and a correct understanding of the disease and self-confidence.
For children with epilepsy as with other students feel safe, accepted, active learning requires the education sector, students, parents make joint efforts. Parents should strengthen communication with doctors and teachers to discuss the best response measures; school education as elective courses should be epilepsy, epilepsy sector to recruit medical professionals from the seminars, including: epilepsy first aid; epilepsy and its treatment of basic information; how to accept epilepsy ; how to improve the school environment for the disabled. Anyone who met the school’s seizures have to respond appropriately, if the first reaction wrong, witnesses will not only result in medical complications in patients, and patients would lead to greater distress or fear, these negative may increase the feeling of stress, affecting school performance, and even increase the frequency of attacks.
Side effects of antiepileptic drugs or with the onset of their thinking or behavior-related problems can sometimes interfere with school performance, neuropsychological or mental health needs the guidance of doctors, together to improve learning. Epileptic children with low intelligence can not adapt to normal school education is usually the best way is to choose the education in special schools or institutions. Therefore, we can not completely prevent mental development have a certain understanding of the factors, factors that can control the damage, mental retardation appears to reduce as much as possible, for example, through genetic counseling, prenatal and pregnancy care do reduce the incidence of congenital genetic disease. For children who have been diagnosed, early treatment of a reasonable rule, and strive to control seizures in the short term, thus reducing the likelihood of mental retardation.

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