Children should pay attention to what epilepsy diet

Children with epilepsy should pay attention to what aspects of diet, which is a lot of parents of children in child patients with epilepsy, a common question, the Beijing Haihua epilepsy experts specialized hospitals for children in child patients with epilepsy, as is in the growth and development period, the parents want to more nutrition for children, but children are also worried that poor diet induced epileptic seizures, and understanding about children’s knowledge of epilepsy diet is very necessary, so as to ensure that children with more nutritious, more scientific diet.
Haihua experts, generally speaking, children with epilepsy diet should note the following aspects:
1. In the long treatment of children with epilepsy, certain medicine will affect the digestive system, resulting in a lack of child nutrition or metabolic disorders, such as vitamin B6, vitamin K, folic acid, calcium, magnesium and other elements of the lack of, so Children’s epilepsy diet, but to pay attention to a reasonable diet, get enough nutrition.
2. On the children’s epilepsy diet, a reasonable diet, pay attention to add these substances, and eat more fruits and vegetables; rice bran, wheat bran, vitamin B6, it should be eating more whole grains; fish, shrimp, eggs, milk is rich in vitamin D and can promote calcium absorption, green vegetables rich in folic acid, vitamin K, so the diet of children with epilepsy can not be a partial eclipse, picky eaters, have a comprehensive and balanced nutrition, a balanced diet.
3. Should not be too hungry or too full, do not eat too much. Excessive hunger to reduce blood glucose levels, and low blood sugar children are often induced epileptic seizures, and fed blood glucose levels rapidly increased insulin secretion, acceleration of glucose metabolism, blood sugar level was high in the low, volatile, will induced children epilepsy; overeating, excessive drinking over-stretch the stomach, but also children are likely to cause epileptic seizures.
4. When the children with diarrhea, vomiting, a lot of fluid loss, it should be time to add water and electrolytes to maintain water and electrolyte balance, to avoid the induced children epilepsy, on the other hand, children with exciting beverages should be minimized, because drinks containing caffeine can make the brain cell excitability, abnormal discharge, so that children epileptic seizures.
In this, Beijing Haihua professional hospital epilepsy expert tips, healthy diet of children with epilepsy and reasonable. In addition, the most important is a good state of mind, parents should pay more attention to children’s mental health, to help children confront children with epilepsy.

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