Child is still small, had epilepsy, how to treat?

Children are palm-sized parents, Xin Tourou, always cared about the children’s health of parents. Also had epilepsy, how reasonable treatment?
Epilepsy need to be systematic and regular treatment, especially treatment of children with epilepsy is not sloppy. Because epilepsy great impact on children’s growth, is not clear if parents of children with pediatric epilepsy precautions can be assured for the child to seek treatment for it? Treatment considerations in children with epilepsy, epilepsy is the premise of rehabilitation as soon as possible.
With the popularization of science, the public has gained some understanding of epilepsy. Once the onset of symptoms of the child, parents tend to think of "epilepsy" as well. Note that not all epileptic seizures disease; and seizures are also a variety of forms, in addition we are more familiar with the "ventilation", the like stupidly, automatically psychosis are seizures. Society, there are some Youyi the banner of "cure epilepsy, no adverse reactions”to cover, with" Chinese traditional remedy "signs deceive patients, or even just call to talk about his condition to" send medicine "a cure. The following is the treatment of children with epilepsy a few points:
1. Whether the onset of symptoms must be epilepsy: the onset of symptoms of children with epilepsy are not necessarily, some normal "attack", some other paroxysmal disorders. If these non-epileptic seizures misdiagnosed as epilepsy, epilepsy diagnosis would be "expansion" and give children and parents to unnecessary physical and psychological damage and economic burden. Video EEG monitoring by the child’s "attack" the process of attack is not abnormal EEG discharge, to be ruled out epilepsy. Various periods of growth in children, many diseases or physiological phenomena, are in the form of paroxysmal.
(1) the neonatal period: About 50% of the immature child will be "periodic breathing," breathing attack speed varies, and there is a short stop, but it is significantly different and epilepsy, there is no heart rate, skin color changes . Mild birth asphyxia in newborns, but also prone to an "over-alertness," attack, would the parents surprised. First, eat or drink for a child to sleepiness a few hours, then turned to over-excitement, eyes wide open, awake a long time, sleep time is short, many are misdiagnosed as epileptic absence seizures. In the neonatal period, there is no type of absence seizures.
(2) infantile: children to a few months, the kind known as "trembling" of the seizures are often misdiagnosed as epilepsy. The child’s jaw or limbs appear small jitter or twitch, but also rhythm. This is the sleeping newborn to the sudden awakening of normal stimuli such as changing diapers overreaction. In addition to shaking, the other without exception, and lightly press and hold the body shake, twitch significantly reduced or stopped, this was different and epilepsy. Infants of non-epileptic seizures during breath-hold also include seizures, tonic-like non-epileptic seizures, emotional attacks and other cross-rubbed Leg.
(3) preschool and school age: the form of non-epileptic seizures would be more, need to be identified with epilepsy, such as sleep myoclonus, narcolepsy, nightmares, night, Tourette Syndrome, and syncope, migraine headache, hysteria and so on.
2. The performance of epilepsy: Some parents think that epilepsy is the ventilation. In fact, many forms of epilepsy in children. We are more familiar, such as a full sexual tonic clonic seizures, the performance of the limbs straight, twitching his fists, eyes straight ahead, froth at the mouth: unconsciousness and so on. In addition, as absence seizures, manifested as transient loss of consciousness, usually only 2 to 10 seconds, rarely more than 30 seconds, if not carefully observed, hard to find, sometimes mistakenly thought that the child take God, inability to concentrate . Various kinds of automatism may be mistaken for naughty children and so on.
3. No adverse reactions to the credibility of the treatment: some parents do not want to bring the child to regular hospital treatment, that the antiepileptic medicine have side effects, can damage the brain, liver and other injuries. Therefore, these parents take their child to all the banner of "cure epilepsy, no adverse reactions," the clinic, have spent huge sums of money to buy all kinds of capsules, granules. But it did not, not only the child’s symptoms do not improve, or even add to, or there are other adverse reactions. In fact, without any adverse drug reaction does not exist. Parents should be aware that some attack symptoms is not epilepsy, epilepsy treatment only if the press did not effect, but also give the child an adverse reaction. Diagnosis is one of the keys to solve the problem.
4, the drug is more expensive the better: Some parents see their children eat very cheap drugs every day, while the other children in more than ten dollars a day but eat the medicine, to mistakenly believe that their children had been wronged, so he replace other expensive drugs or new drugs listed. In fact, drug treatment of epilepsy patients with seizures according to the type of adverse reactions to drug selection, rather than the more expensive the better drugs. If your drug is not symptomatic, there will be no good effect. And frequent dressing changes also affect the efficacy.
In fact, the diagnosis of epilepsy is based on systematic analysis of patient medical history, combined with necessary based on test results. Suggested that parents have to go to regular hospital treatment of epilepsy specialist, under the premise of a clear diagnosis of further formal treatment.

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