Buflo breaks out of reserve

Eastern Cape Parks Board department of health eastern capechief executive Sybert Liebenberg said theBuflo breaks out of reserve lone bull was seen away from the herd a few times since early last month. It was eventually discovered grazing in an encampment next to a road.

The animal was sedated using a dart, its blood was drawn and it was transported safely to a boma, where it had been recovering after its short adventure.

Reserve manager Wayne Erlank said vegetable and dairy rmers spotted the runaway buflo crossing their land.

The animal was young and they were not sure why it had strayed from the herd.

A young buflo bull caused great excitement when it broke out of the Baviaanskloof Mega-Reserve and made a beeline for the Hankey- Patensie rming area, which is known for its demure dairy cows.

Park officials were sent to guard the buflo overnight.

He said they would be sure the reserves fencing was completely buflo-proof, just in case the bull experienced another bout of wanderlust.

Erlank said the buflo was in good health and free of disease. They just had to ensure it had not "picked up anything" during its tour of the valley.

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