Bletilla striata 37 hemostatic effect of different combination with

Bletilla striata xiaozhong shengji, convergence hemostasis; 37 Sanyu bleeding, swelling and relieve pain. 37, Bletilla striata in order to to. ER-Yao Wu Yong, a collection, restraint, swelling shengji, removing blood stasis on hemostasis power greatly enhanced. Hemoptysis, vomiting blood, hematuria, and blood, uterine bleeding, epistaxis, rack nosebleed, and muscle nosebleed and pain and swelling in traumatic injury, blood stasis, local haemorrhage and other causes of bleeding disorders, are indications of use of Bletilla striata, 37 range, both internal and external use. Really Bletilla striata with 37, Hemostatic less.

Bletilla striata, alias grass, Kamkerng, and even give away free of charge, indocalamus indocalamus leaf blue, Juran, violet blue, purple Wai, Pak Li. Bletilla striata bitter, sweet and astringent, slightly cold. Into the liver, lung and stomach. The Shennong Bencao Jing records, Bletilla striata “ main Carbuncle swollen, sore evil, defeated cellulitis, injuring yin essence dead muscle, stomach how evil Fallows ‘ ”. The compendium of Materia Medica records, Bletilla striata “ smell (root) bitter, flat, non-toxic ”. Functional convergence bleeding, swelling of myogenic, indications, hematemesis, nosebleed blood hemoptysis, trauma, pain and swelling in bleeding, sores, ulcers long without shell nosing, rhagadia Manus et pedis, pneumoconiosis and lung abscess, tuberculosis and other diseases. In decoction orally 5~15 g, powder drink of an inquiry or take medicine after mixing it with water each time you 2~3 g, appropriate for external use. Such as the Dai Shi Bletilla striata in loquat pills, namely with Bletilla striata distribution of loquat leaves, donkey-hide gelatin, Lotus root, rehmannia juice into the section, attending coughing blood, spit blood.

37, alias kaihua 37 37, ginseng, Radix notoginseng, Jin buhuan, panlong seven. 37 Gansu, slightly bitter, temperature. Into the liver and stomach. The new compendium of Materia Medica records: “ 37, God of hemostasis drugs. Regardless of the blood of the upper, middle, and bottom, where there is more outside, alone, and joined in the invigorating Qi, nourishing blood medicine is more in God. Cover of the drug to fill and no boiling, and Red this and have a quiet break. &Amp;rdquo; the Jade ferret medicine solution records, 37 “ and camp bleeding, tongmai to removing blood stasis, blood stasis and the sword of the new blood. Where after childbirth, menstruation, bone, and carbuncle swollen, blood stasis is broken. Where a nosebleed, metrorrhagia and metrostaxis, stab wounds, and arrow hurt, all new blood is &rdquo. The herbal truth records, “ 37, only known functional Hemostatic pain around the world. Everyone knows pain pain due to blood stasis, blood blood because of the application. 37 smell bitter temperatures, in the differentiation of blood &rdquo blood stasis. Features, removing blood stasis and bleeding, huoxuezhitong, attending spit blood, nose bleeding, blood, various stasis pain with bone pain and other symptoms. Powder drink of an inquiry, 1~2 grams each time, two times a day. Modern pharmacological studies found that 37 antithrombotic, promoting the hematopoietic, Hemostatic, and expand blood vessels, lowering blood pressure, myocardial ischemia, cerebral ischemia, arrhythmias, anti-atherosclerosis and anti-inflammation and liver, anti-tumor, analgesia and other pharmacological. Part in the compromise of were recorded in the West of blood, that is, more than 37 mix pistil stone, blood carbon into indications vomiting blood, nose bleeding, and blood.

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