Autumn health: buccal clever solutions for autumn date approved a synopsis

<p&gt and to mature jujube seasons, with BU Zhong Yi Qi and nourishing blood and date into the soothing effect of &ldquo on the table; frequent flyer ”. When friends eating jujube in General, however, immediately after eating jujube meat nuclear spat jujube, direct purchase of seedless dates and some friends simply. This eat only dates meat replenishing functions, has failed to use dates of nuclear “ fluid ” function.

early as more than 400 years ago, Li Shizhen advocated “ often containing nuclear row body fluid of jujube, pharyngeal ” method of maintaining good health. Practice has proved that nuclear in your mouth after eating jujube ‘ dongzao ‘ jujube, promoting the role of saliva secretion. Modern research has shown that contains various enzymes in saliva, aid digestion and enhance organism immunity function. Swallowing of Tianjin pharynx liquid is a highly recommended method of keeping history and health family, keep practising, can relieve symptoms such as dry mouth thirst, dry skin, constipation, can also play the role of beauty. For spleen-stomach weak elderly friends, ritzy gastrointestinal motility, promoting healthy digestion.

with the coming of autumn, it is vulnerable to autumn dryness, and exports dry, autumn dryness of symptoms such as constipation, nose bleeding, adhere to the swallowing of Tianjin and liquid throat regimen, to some extent alleviate the autumn dryness brought all sorts of discomfort.

<p&gt, so after eating jujube meat, don't be too quick to shoot nuclear, will 10—15 minutes jujube nuclear in your mouth, tongue constantly turning, body fluid during periods of mouth, slowly swallowed, and then repeat the action, pay attention not to swallow together together with the date the nuclear. Children and people with swallowing dysfunction should not be using this method. Civil “ jujube tonifying the spleen and damaged teeth ”, high sugar content of jujube, not conducive to the health of teeth, so patients with dental caries with jujube core should not be a long time, even the dental health of people, should promptly after gargling with jujube core, convenience, preferably brushing your teeth.


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