Autumn and winter “Jiao” regulating in the Nick of time

the saying goes, “ regulating in autumn and winter, the tiger in the coming year ”, regulating and visible on the importance of health in autumn and winter. Winter “ of donkey-hide gelatin ” when regulating legitimate, traditional Chinese medicine believes that people with chronic diseases while regulating while healing may reduce recurrence and mitigate the effects of illness, delayed disease development. For sub-healthy, regulating and alleviate the symptoms, cure can be achieved, the role of improving the physical energy of qi and blood. Said health standards in traditional Chinese medicine is plenty of qi and blood, the body’s organs just as people do, eat, only began to live, dynamic, and blood is the organ of the meal, so health should start from the blood.

when it comes to raising blood will naturally think of donkey-hide gelatin. Ejiao is the Shennong Bencao Jing, as a top grade, its medicinal, general health history has more than 2,600 years ago. The Bencao Gangmu contained, “ of donkey-hide gelatin, the best, Hong King, saying: ‘ the donge, thus come the name of donkey-hide gelatin ’”. Cao Bingzhang of the updating of syndrome differentiation of pseudo drugs in the late Qing said: “ Jiao Dong ‘ e County, Shandong province, in plain of donkey skin, well fried, so is called ejiao. &Amp;rdquo; modern science proved that donkey-hide gelatin can promote the formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin, a significant anti-anemia, bleeding effect, and to improve the balance of calcium in the body, promoting the absorption of calcium.

&ldquo in autumn and winter; donkey-hide gelatin ” regulating the main methods are: 1, 500 g and jujube cooked, left a little water, add 500 g of donkey-hide gelatin so that it melted, stick on jujube, edible red dates. 2, and is-patient lumbar acid, and fear cold, and tinnitus, and deafness heyang virtual or renal deficiency, syndrome of people available following method: donkey-hide gelatin 250 grams, smashed, rice wine 350 ml, immersion 1—2 days, is sponge shaped, slightly water stew of, joined black sesame, and cooked Walnut Kernel moderation, plus crystal sugar 250 grams, steamed 1 hours constantly mixing, cold cool into frozen, every day sooner or later the 1—2 key, warm water take after mixed with water to. And air virtual tired weak, can be equipped with Ginseng powder ginseng decoction or; and palpitations with aversion to cold, etc, can be equipped with dried longan taking. Weak spleen and stomach, indigestion, can be made when orange peel fried served with 20—30 g, to enhance the function of spleen and stomach. General serving 500 grams of donkey-hide gelatin can be.

in addition, some unscrupulous businesses that appear on the market today, use leather, leather scraps, or even rubber counterfeiting of donkey-hide gelatin, experts caution that ejiao yellow through amber or light black 构词成分。 paint is true. Really does not make the skin smell, nor wet soft summer months. At the time of purchase of donkey-hide gelatin to select regular pharmacies, shopping malls, supermarkets or stores to buy, so as to avoid being taken in, damage to health.


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