App connects dictation, transcription via iPhone

– see the Nuance announcement

Manhattan Research projects the rise in clinician use of smartphones, which sits at 72 percent today. The recorder works with the companys eScription and DictaphoneEnterpriseSpeech solutions as well as its transcription services.

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Catering to the 81 percent of U.S. doctors expected to be using smartphones by 2012, Nuance Communications has launched a mobile point-of-care dictation app conApp connects dictation, transcription via iPhonenected to speech-enabled transcription platforms and services. The Dragon medical mobile recorder is now available from the iTunes App Store.

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Security features include encryption as outlined in HIPAA guidance.

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The Eastern Connecticut Health Network is an early user, with pulmonary physician assistants using the app in their clinical documentation workflow, according to an announcement. They can download the app withoutITdepartment support. The organization says it expects additional adoption across the hospital.

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