Ancient herbs for the month recorded the jiejiu nursing the spleen and stomach

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jiejiu nursing the spleen and stomach of ancient records of Chinese medicine

drinks too much injury of spleen and stomach, severe cases may lead to alcohol. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that wine is hot and humid, the human body, is how evil Fallows ‘, natural herbs can be resolved.

1, fructus aurantii wood with child

sweet flavor of acid, can cure drunk, tired heat, thirst, vomiting, difficulty in urination and defecation.

the Materia Medica of southern made clear its “ all left palsy treatment right paralysis, rheumatism care, relieving alcoholism ……” of the doctors in the same family for generations-effect of the intended effect of pill treatment “ drinking multiple product ”. In addition, Zhi also jiejiu.

2, Pueraria flower

properties gamping, good and relieving alcoholism, woke up the spleen and stomach to quench their thirst, indications of excessive drinking, headache, dizziness, syncope and vomiting, chest and diaphragm of glutted. The spleen and stomach on the flower of kudzuvine sober up (hangover: then I was drunk, delirious) soup, the Materia Medica of southern flower of kudzuvine heat pills, therapy drunken infestation. In addition, kudzu, and Katsuratani (GE seed) also BREATHE/BREATHING effect.

3, caoguo

<p> Drugs pungent, into the spleen and stomach, with drying wet for dispelling cold, eliminating phlegm of the prevention of malaria, aromatic, there is provision of cloud. The Bencao Gangmu Li Gao Yun: “ temperature of spleen and stomach, vomiting, treatment of cold and wet, cold phlegm …&hellip of spleen; host food elimination, relieving alcoholism, fruit products, and new Zhang solution blast. &Amp;rdquo;

4 bamboo mushrooms,

in Gansu and slightly cold, has the power of heat-clearing and phlegm, in addition to bother controlling nausea and vomiting, gastric vomiting due to thermal or phlegm-heat effect is good. The herbal blending cloud “ chicken, treatment of drinking and headache. &Amp;rdquo; the drug also contained its treatment “ wine injured vomiting ”.

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