Alert–some may cause cancer in Chinese and Western medicine

drug can cure diseases and also can cause disease. Drug-induced cancer known as drug-induced cancer. Studies have shown that, the incidence of drug-induced cancer accounts for one out of 10,000 for the entire incidence of cancer. Therefore, SINA xiaobian reminds you of traditional Chinese medicine, be sure to alert–some may cause cancer in Chinese and Western medicine.

as the global drug abuse growing in recent years and in an increasing number of chemicals, increasing incidence of drug-induced cancer. Therefore, should attach great importance to drug-induced cancers.

according to the World Health Organization (WHO) International Cancer Institute 34 experts from 21 countries on possible identification of 368 of cancer drugs, confirm that the following 8 drugs have a carcinogenic effect, they are chloramphenicol, non-Na Xiting, nitrogen mustard, cyclophosphamide, and naphthalene is diethylstilbestrol, mierxilan, phenytoin and oxygen methyl ketone.

United States drug made by the Office of technology assessment of 10 people may have carcinogenic effects of drugs are chloramphenicol, phenytoin, and amphetamine, progesterone, tar ointment, dextran iron, phenobarbital, reserpine, phenylbutazone, and ANTU Ming.

non-Na Xiting antipyretics and analgesics such as preparation of which (including pain tablets, such as APC) applications such as years to 30 years, can cause renal pelvis cancer and bladder cancer. Anti-cancer drug cyclophosphamide may induce bladder cancer and lymphatic cancer and acute leukemia.

in addition, anticancer drugs azathioprine can induce Lymphoma, leukemia, cervical cancer, Squamous Cell Carcinoma of lip; busulfan-induced bronchial carcinoma and cancer of the vulva; long-term application of methotrexate in treatment of psoriasis may induce kidney and bladder cancer. In recent years reports of the Psoriasis drug b leukemia death cases induced by double-Morpholine has no less than hundred cases, the experts have been called upon to eliminate the drug.

pregnant women taking phenytoin sodium after suffering from epilepsy, their newborns suffering from nerve fiber blastoma. Long-term large dose of phenobarbital class Cui Mian drugs can cause brain tumors.

diethylstilbestrol women’s first three months of pregnancy or application for a long time, after its birth to girl reproductive tract cancer may occur, menopausal or menopausal women using the drug significantly increased risk of endometrial cancer incidence, men taking the medicine 0.5 mg per day, used for several years, can occur on the renal adenocarcinoma.

including chloramphenicol tablets, injection, eye drops, long-term use can be induced aplastic anemia and leukemia, which causes leukaemia has an incubation period of up to 7 years.

the women in the administration of reserpine, especially postmenopausal women, breast cancer caused by, its incidence rate is 3 times of the control group of women more than doubled.

application long term and excessive testosterone drugs such as methyl testosterone, testosterone dehydrogenation of methyl testosterone, heptanoic acid, when treatment of aplastic anemia, caused liver cell carcinoma.

amphetamine is mainly lead to Lymphoma, progesterone main lead to cervical cancer, primary tar ointment to skin cancer, dextran iron main results in soft tissue sarcoma, leukemia induced by phenylbutazone main, main cause gastrointestinal and respiratory cancer atromide.

in addition, there were chloroform and carcinogenic potential Western oxytetracycline, arsenic and of topical drugs such as gentian violet.

is generally believed that Chinese medicines safer. But so far, Chinese and foreign scholars study confirmed that medicine Senecio, talc, five times times, star anise, cinnamon, betel nut, contain carcinogenic substances in cycads, kansui, Croton, hematoxylin, Daphne, triangular etc medicine also have varying degrees of secondary carcinogenic activity.

Germany Hamburg weisitengduofu in a recent TV program, the poison warning people not to often take vegetable laxative. He thinks of flavonoid constituents of plants containing anthracene laxatives (such as rhubarb, Aloe, etc) Xie principle is to make the large intestine caused by a certain amount of toxins, diarrhea, and animal experimental proof of these toxins may increase in the incidence of animal intestine.

therefore, for these drugs to unused or less as far as possible, must be used to try to shorten the course of treatment, lower doses. It should be noted that, for the above most current clinical drug also need to use, when used in must be due to possible carcinogenic by the use, resulting in delay in treatment. Because of its carcinogenic is caused if your long-term large dose, occasionally with a secondary cancer is unlikely.


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