AGASTACHE rugosa sunstroke prevention for security and peace

Zhengqi pill is clinical common proprietary Chinese medicine, from the song dynasty “and agent by HuoXiang pharmacopoeia, square, Sue leaf, tuckahoe, a. dahurica XieBiao medicines, such as composition, have the wet, qi and the merit of used for the treatment of fever, headache and stomachache evil cold, and chest full of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea for summer and autumn commonly used proprietary Chinese medicine.

HuoXiang and a beautiful legend in shouling long ago, the mountains there lived a family, brother and sister burner depended on each other.Later, brother marry outside, the army after only two GuSao at home.Daily, GuSao mutual considerate, actually together every day, together with the housework.One summer, weather, sister-in-law, followed by overworked hot humid heat, fell ill suddenly.See her fever, headache, nausea, evil cold languid, very uncomfortable.The sister-in-law hurried holds to the burner ldquo; bed said &I’m afraid you are in the summer, treat the disease after it dropped the mountains, there can cure the disease fragrance herbs.Let me quickly went up into the mountain to put it to you as soon as possible in the cure illness.& rdquo;Sister-in-law read out inconvenience us young, persuaded her to don’t go.But the exclusion, burner to save sister-in-law remorselessly into the mountains.

When the burner to stumble until big black back to her home.Her hand carrying a small basket of herbs, two eyes hair straight, spirit is dispirited, an enter a door and fall on the ground.Sister-in-law hurriedly bed will help her enthronement known until she, in CaiYao, he accidentally be snake bites his right foot, the poison.Sister-in-law took off his shoes and socks burner.See there in the burner feet two rows of snake bite the dental, red and swollen, his right foot and leg also swelling coarsens even.Sister-in-law prepare to use mouth suck poison from the wound.But burner not. AnywayEtc folks heard sister-in-law’s cry for help, but will find it).

With sister in-law of mining to her illness, and healed the herbs in under the help of the villagers bury burner.To remember the feeling of sister in-law, sister-in-law took the fragrance of herbs affectionately known & mdash;& mdash;)Burner & rdquo;And put it in the around the house, DeBian planted roadside, so you can use.Since then & ldquo;Burner & rdquo;Grass fame more spreadses more and widely and healed many heatstroke patients.Because of the sake, long are herbal the, the people then in huo word ldquo added a & head;Grass & rdquo;Head, ldquo burner written for &;HuoXiang & rdquo;.

HuoXiang for lamium perennial grass plants patchouli land parts.S) keissler.A summer when cutting in lush foliage.While fresh cut into sections with use, or born solarization-collect.Flavour to Zimbabwe, lukewarm, by the spleen, stomach, lung.Have the wet, good, stop spewing.HuoXiang now be made into various forms of the proprietary products, at present the functionalities of zhengqi class proprietary Chinese medicine have zhengqi water, zhengqi pills, zhengqi zhengqi slice, soft capsule, herb zhengqi oral liquid, such as dropping zhengqi formulations.

Zhengqi dropping pill is HuoXiang family new members, form TianShiLi group in traditional Chinese medicine is based on the theory of scientific experiments, after years of research and development of new drugs into high-tech formulations, overcome the previous inner quality uncontrolled formulations, improve the defect curative effect.Ensure each pill is consistent drug content, oral after five & mdash;Six minutes to play a role.Pill to swallow, gastrointestinal tract to no stimulus.Instead, fragrant smell bad pungent, easy to carry, almost overcame all above the dosage form, makes this medicine insufficient splurge played the best role.

As our country medicine zhengqi treasure-house of rare historic cures, dropping zhengqi belongs to new zhengqi products, will its efficacy to get incisively and vividly, and relative to other forms easier to carry around, summer stock raising zhengqi, care for health for security and peace.

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