Advantages of TCM dripping pills in treatment of cardiovascular diseases

drop pills of traditional Chinese medicine preparations of rapid development in recent years, particularly in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases obvious advantages. Pills are produced by melting of a solid dispersion, this dosage form little abroad, but in traditional Chinese medicine preparations, pills have become an important new form. Issued by the State food and drug administration of traditional Chinese medicine pill approval number has more than more than 70, dropping pills of traditional Chinese medicine for cardiovascular system are more than 20 kinds.

cardiovascular disease is a threat to life and health of the elderly in the world today one of the major diseases. Course of the disease generally longer, often requires long-term treatment. Clinical best able to meet the following requirements: formulations and dose volume is relatively small, easy to carry and long-term use; has a quick-acting role, providing first aid has a long-term role, you can reduce the number of medication; preparation has good stability, easy to ensure the quality of treatment of various ingredients. Pill formulations features can meet the above requirements.

rapid onset, high bioavailability Diwan is part of the preparations for the change of the existing forms of traditional Chinese medicine preparation, such as compound danshen tablets of compound danshen dropping pill is for the change to. Select drop pills formulation is designed to take into account other solid dosage forms cannot fully play a clinical role of medicinal substances. In the molten state, pill liquid into a transparent, after cooling belonging to solid state molecular dispersion system, drug molecular States dispersed directly of effective components in the matrix, inside the body are quickly released, to fully absorb play effect. It overcomes the traditional solid lack of efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine preparations slow onset, low, has the characteristics of quick-impact. Compound danshen drop pills are manufactured by Tianjin tasly pharmaceutical company limited, for angina pectoris of coronary heart disease, cardiovascular disease prevention and treatment of dropping pill formulation, in mitigation, improving clinical symptoms in patients with angina pectoris over compound danshen tablets.

easy to mold, relatively stable pill is formed through the fusion of matrix and medicinal substances. Therefore, medicinal molecules or particles of matter are matrix close packages, this State makes curing liquid drugs, can also make it easy to destroy drugs are relatively stable.

medicinal substances after refining because preparation pills needed to join a large number of substrates as a dispersion medium of medicinal substances, General amount of medicinal substances and the matrix from 1:1 to 1 per cent are possible, depending on the nature and degree of purification of pharmaceutical substances, and the need for decentralized level. These highly purified active ingredients, from the perspective of pharmaceutical and characteristic, more like synthetic drugs. Drop pills of traditional Chinese medicine medicinal substances generally effective components of Chinese medicinal herbs and properly refining technology of total extracts. Without purification of Chinese herbal extracts or medicinal powder, generally should not be made into pills, otherwise a dose will be significant. After purification of Chinese traditional medicine pills, small, easy to carry and buccal or oral. For example, the specifications for each of the compound danshen tablets 0.3 g, a 3 piece, 0.9 grams in total and compound danshen drop pills each pill weight 250 mg 10 pills at a time, 0.25 grams in total.

medicinal substances of compound danshen dripping pill is processed by the following: learning from crushing of danshen, 37 medicinal materials, extraction with water 3 times, after being filtered, concentrated landfill leachate decompression, adding ethanol to concentrate to form precipitation; Will concentrate on ethanol, made from heavy cream, as medicinal substances; prescription of Borneol is a pure compound, as long as the crush. 37 without extraction of compound danshen tablet, direct comminuted pharmaceuticals. For international patent of compound danshen dripping pill pharmaceutical technology is different from the current domestic production of dropping pill, one of Salvia miltiorrhiza and macroporous resin is needed to further separation of effective components of Panax notoginseng, therefore all the more delicate.

from the above characteristics, dropping pill has a unique advantage in development of traditional Chinese medicine for cardiovascular disease, with the improvement of level of preparation of medicinal substances, variety and will rapidly increase in the number of pills, for the majority of patients will benefit.

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