8 taking antihypertensive drugs in patients with hypertension prevention

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taking antihypertensive drugs use caution when But in real life, many patients due to lack of knowledge or habits into taking the misunderstanding, the impact of the treatment effect. Combined with daily situations, raised blood pressure medicine “ eight anti-”:

-the first agent reaction. that is, when certain antihypertensive drugs in patients with first use, because the body does not fit, may produce mental confusion, syncope, and other adverse reactions, even when you are taking symptom exacerbation, also called the first agent syndrome.

in elderly patients with hypertension, due to the pressures not sensitive reflection, cerebrovascular autoregulation barriers easier to appear the first agent reaction, may cause these response drugs mainly prazosin. To this end, hypertensive patients begin taking antihypertensive drug dosages should be small, general proposition is the therapeutic dose of one-third, then gradually increase to the amount.

second anti-price medicine. some people in the choice of antihypertensive drugs, your effects of one-sided view that drug prices, the better, see medicine prices. In fact, drug prices and the effect of not proportional, cheap, and popular blood pressure medicine also has a good effect, taking properly is the key.

-three unauthorized withdrawal. the General needs of life in patients with hypertension medication, even if blood pressure down to normal can not stop, otherwise easily back to the level before the treatment, causing “ withdrawal syndrome ” or induce a more serious heart, brain and kidney complications. It is right, be effective control of blood pressure at normal levels after, under the guidance of doctor of gradually reducing the type and dose of the drug, strive to use the least amount of the dose reaches the ideal therapeutic effect.

four anti-subjective judgment. </strong&gt, some found in physical examination and blood pressure higher than normal, but consciously nothing uncomfortable symptoms, is inappropriate to it. In fact, high blood pressure is proportional to the severity and symptoms do not, there are no symptoms, do not show that blood pressure is not high. So, even if no symptoms of dizziness, insomnia, high blood pressure, if you find that higher than normal blood pressure range, must be regular hospital checks on and follow the doctor's advice to take medicine.

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