6 Chinese medicine decoction sleep to the big day

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6 road to dawn

not sleep at night is always a trouble makes people worry, insomnia is always day to force old, black eye from scratch, listless during the day, be in a trance on the ceiling in the evening …… six Chinese medicine soup lets you get rid of the pain of maintaining good health.

three modified sleeping decoction: suanzaoren three money, ophiopogon, Polygala tenuifolia one money, fried into a 50 ml 500 ml with water, in bedtime taking. All the above three herbs Ning heart, soothe and calm the role of, mixed with hypnotic effect.

longan and Lotus seeds soup: 22 boiled preparation of longan and Lotus seed soup, with Yang Xin, Ning God, invigorating the spleen, and kidney function, taking the most suitable for the elderly, chronic insomnia.

yangxin porridge: preparation of codonopsis 35 grams, enucleation jujube 10, ophiopogon, fushen 10 grams, fried into a 500 ml to 2000 ml of water, after the slag, and wash the rice and water boiled rice cooked add brown sugar after taking. For heartbeat, amnesia, insomnia, more dreams have obvious curative effect.

suanzaoren decoction: suanzaoren three money mashed, fried, taking an hour before going to bed every night. Spine can inhibit the central nervous system, a constant of sedation. For a deficiency of the irritability and sleeplessness or heart palpitations caused by unrest good-Activity.

meditation soup: three Salvia longan, Sichuan, to two and a half bowl of water into the bowl, taking 30 minutes before going to bed. Can achieve a sedative effect, especially on the failure of insomnia of deficiency, function better.

Anshen TANG: the lily five steam, join an egg yolk, with 200 ml water mix, adding a little sugar, boiled and then 50 ml of cold water mix, to sleep one hour before drinking.

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