37 stress experts teach you to use good way


<p&gt attending 37; 37 37 to Araliaceae plant ginseng root, sweet flavor, slightly bitter, temperature, liver, stomach, large intestine Meridian, functions for hemostasis, stasis, swelling pain, vomiting blood, hemoptysis, blood, blood dysentery attending, uterine bleeding, postpartum bruise, can't hang-over, bone blood stasis, trauma, bleeding. In recent years, clinicians found that 37 used for insomnia in the elderly, evident in benign prostatic hypertrophy and rhagadia Manus et pedis.

how to choose and storage

37 for a larger particles, solid, smooth, no branch is excellent. 37 is a perennial plant, to more than three years in order to charge the long years of cultivation, the larger, better quality. &Amp;ldquo in Panax notoginseng; spring seven ” is the best characterized: large, round particles commonly known as monkey head, lion head, strong roots, grey-brown with green on the surface, no iron bone fracture, commonly known as the copper skin, strong bitter sweet after taste. If 37 disparity grew up to be on the main root fine heavy, commonly known as “ keloid seven ”, main root weight evenly, commonly known as “ radish seven ”, both for the quality.

storage of family 37, note the vermin proof. First, and rhizoma imperatae pieces within the same storage in the Porcelain Jar, 37 2~3 times of rhizoma imperatae; second, 37 wrapped, and placed a total of asarum.

new clinical

insomnia in the elderly: using pound for 60 37, mashed, buccal 0.2~0.4 g before going to 10 minutes. According to clinical observation, in 25 cases, 20 cases of effective. For example, a male aged 80 dizziness, chronic insomnia, buccal participation every night 370.3 g, smooth sleep after 30 minutes. This is because old people, physiological function gradually decline, imbalance of yin and Yang, Qi and blood deficiency, lack of qi, holding on to the brain and the insomnia. 37 have a strong central role, can promote the systemic blood circulation, and increased blood supply to the brain, camp gas filling the gods.

prostate hypertrophy: 37 powder, Western each 15 grams of powder, day 1, each serving a 1-gram, warm water by swallowing, 15 days for 1 course, General treatment of 2~3 a course of treatment. Clinical observation of 26 cases, 12 cases of urination is normal, prostate narrowed considerably, 11 cases of urinary difficulty mitigation, narrowing of the prostate. Prostate hypertrophy in the elderly, the disease is, phlegm-stasis blocking of deficiency of spleen and stomach meridians. 37 huoxue Huayu sanjie, able to soften increased glands; American ginseng reinforce vital energy, strengthening the spleen and stomach, and rather dry. Both tie, Qu is played a total of stagnant blood, tonifying Qi and blood, regulate the waterways of Kung.

of rhagadia Manus et pedis: 37,100 g, research for fine end of sesame oil tune into a paste, place 2 days ~3 days later, painted over. First immersed in hot water over reuse tools wipe thick cuticle, after clean coated drug and application of gauze, drug-coated 2~4 times a day. Clinical observation on 79 patients, cure 75 cases. The following year, if the recurrence of rhagadia Manus et pedis, drugs are still valid.


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