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of Folium artemisiae argyi moxibustion grass, Chinese Mugwort, also known as wormwood, sweet people. Compositae plant AI of dried leaves. AI for medicinal, for a long time. At the age of the Jingchu book of clouds: &ldquo on May 5, mining people think people, hanging on the portal, to avert by prayers poison. &Amp;rdquo; since then will flow along established custom. The Dragon Boat Festival, AI plug doors, male drinking rice wine, are infected with HIV. Ancient cloud “ still seven years, and three years of AI ”, that is “ moxibustion for diseases ” the best description. By moxibustion, allows the warm air in the bones, warm blood, Meridian, eliminate the cold out.

modern studies have shown that volatile oils from Folium artemisiae argyi, regulate immune, antiasthmatic and antitussive, expectorant and antiasthmatic activities against allergies, strong heart, sedative, antipyretic, uterine effect of Lidan, excitement; for various pathogenic bacteria (Bacillus anthracis, hemolytic streptococci, diphtheria Bacillus, pneumococcus, Staphylococcus, Bacillus subtilis etc) and inhibit skin fungus. Ai Yeyan smoked has an antibacterial effect on bacteria and fungi.

of Folium artemisiae argyi first set out in the Materia Medica by focus, ancient herbal medicine made many expositions. Of the Materia Medica of the cloud: “ such diseases You Sheng and moxibustion. Early spring seedlings, Artemisia stem class, background white, to shoot short is good. On March 2, on May 5, leaf storm harvest. Chen who is available for a long time. &Amp;rdquo; of the physician-level recording of the cloud: “ main moxibustion diseases. Can be used for frying, diarrhea, vomiting blood, sores in the lower, Lady blood leak. Li yin, health, muscle, new cold, gives rise to a child. &Amp;rdquo; the herbal new cloud: “ tiaojing kaiyu, Qi, blood. Treatment of postpartum infantile convulsion, umbilical sores in children. &Amp;rdquo; its pungent flavor, bitter, temperature, temperature for dispelling cold pain and hemostasis. Indications less abdominal pain in the cold, the cold is not adjustable, cold infertility, vomiting blood, nose bleeding, metrorrhagia and metrostaxis, under pregnancy blood; external cutaneous pruritus; vinegar for AI with cold bleeding. Where caution of Yin deficiency and blood-heat clothing. Describes some healing of Folium artemisiae argyi prescription:

treating menorrhagia: Folium artemisiae argyi carbon 10 g, Chen Brown carbon 10 grams, ejiao 10 g, 10 g of Angelica sinensis, water clothes. Also for metrorrhagia and metrostaxis.

treating red white with: Folium artemisiae argyi 20 g, 20 g of Angelica sinensis, Cyperus 20 grams, fat 20 g red stone, Tsubaki root skin 20 g, developed for distal, refining honey as pills, 6 g at a time, oral administration of 3 times.

treating pain in the stomach from the cold: Folium artemisiae argyi 10 grams, benign and 10 g ginger, lindera aggregata 10 g, 10 g of Amomum villosum, Yuan Hu 10 grams of water service.

treating red white dysentery: fried of Folium artemisiae argyi 60 grams, gun-15 g ginger, inquiry for the distal, vinegar paste balls, 6 g at a time, our service 2~3.

treating skin pruritus: Folium artemisiae argyi 10 g, 10 g Kochia, cortex dictamni 10 grams, atractylodes lancea 10 grams, smoking and washing with water.

treating eczema, ringworm disease: Folium artemisiae argyi and 60 grams of realgar 2 g, 2 grams of sulfur, the latter end of research for fine, joining the moxa, made AI volume with moxibustion over.

-Hong Wenxu Shaanxi Academy of Chinese medicine

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